All Spoken Here

Embrace language diversity by fostering a world where every voice is heard, and barriers are replaced with bridges of understanding through the transformative power of Pocketalk’s translation technology.

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  • #AllSpokenHere. It’s as simple as that. To be able to have a conversation, no matter the language you speak, and no matter where you are in the world. From businesses to classrooms, we are creating spaces where language is not an obstacle; it’s an invitation
  • Pocketalk’s #AllSpokenHere stickers and digital badges boldly declare that the space or individual embraces 84+ languages and actively encourages conversations in any of them. The badges aim to make everyone feel welcome, no matter their native language
  • We can amplify all voices by promoting inclusivity and embracing a world where every language is welcome. Join us in creating a world where language is a bridge, not a barrier – #AllSpokenHere.


Get involved

  • You can engage in the #AllSpokenHere movement by displaying your badge, both physically and digitally, to promote inclusive language.
  • Share your stories, photos, and initiatives on social media, using the hashtag (#AllSpokenHere), to amplify the impact of creating a world where language barriers are eliminated.
  • Want to amplify your work even further? Share your success stories by emailing for an opportunity to be featured on Pocketalk’s social media channels, blog, newsletter, or collaborative public relations.

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