July 28, 2022

North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District Partners with Pocketalk

Q&A: North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District Partners with Pocketalk

When you think of Portland, OR, you probably imagine gray and gloomy skies, but the clouds have parted and summer is in full swing. Just south of Portland is The North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District full of gorgeous views, lush baseball fields, hiking and biking trails perfect for any adventurer, and world-class aquatic facilities.

With more than 108,000 visitors visiting NCPRD each year, from all over the world, it can be difficult for park rangers to communicate with park goers speaking a variety of languages. That is why NCPRD decided to partner with Pocketalk to be more inclusive by equipping staff with Pocketalk devices and access to 82 world languages. To learn more about this important step towards inclusion, we sat down with Michael Bork, NCPRD Director, for a Q&A.


Tell us more about North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District.

A: The North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District (NCPRD) provides parks, trails, natural areas, social services, programs for all ages, sports leagues, and a world-class aquatic facility for approximately 108,000 district residents, along with a lot of non-resident use. The NCPRD is located just to the south of Portland, Oregon, and is a Service District of Clackamas County.


How will a translation solution help you and your district parks?

A: Clackamas County is a very rich and diverse county in Oregon, consisting of a multitude of various languages spoken. One of the most basic barriers the NCPRD faces is being able to effectively communicate with people who don’t speak English. The language barrier makes it difficult for parents to register their children for programs, families to effectively communicate their needs and wants, children to fully participate in programs, and so much more. The NCPRD partnered with Pocketalk in order to remove these language barriers, enabling them to be more accessible for non-english speaking guests.   


How will you utilize Pocketalk handheld devices? 

A: The NCPRD will start with five Pocketalk Plus handheld devices to be used at the aquatic park, administrative offices, both of the community centers, and one for the mobile program, RecMobile. These devices will support the needs of non-english speaking residents, and allow them to enjoy everything the park has to offer.

NCPRD will start using Pocketalk throughout its activity centers and parks this summer to create deeper connections with community members and visitors. The expected outcomes are better relationships and a more inclusive environment. For more stories and updates, follow @NCPRD on Instagram and Facebook and join us on Instagram and Facebook.