September 13, 2022

Pocketalk Helps Bridge Communication Barriers at Colorado’s DMV

There are few places where customer service can make or break your day. The DMV happens to be one of those places. The amount of paperwork, lines, and critical nature of the trip adds to the pressure to make it a flawless experience. One state’s DMV is working to transform that experience with solutions that ensure every visitor gets exactly what they need, when they need it.

Late last year, a Colorado DMV staff member introduced Pocketalk as a means to overcome language barriers that the driver license offices have seen for years. The initial trial received excellent feedback from visitors and staff members, stating that this solution made their experience easier, faster, and more personalized. Now, state leaders are sending devices to offices across Colorado.

The Colorado DMV purchased over 70 Pocketalk Plus devices to be used in their 35 driver license offices so that they can better serve every Coloradan. With many visitors using English as a second language, the staff hopes that the devices will be able to bridge the communication barrier and allow the DMV to provide services to every individual who enters their offices without a translator or increased wait times.

“We are happy to get these devices to State driver license offices and believe they will be a game changer for serving all Coloradans,” said DMV Senior Director Electra Bustle. “The translators will allow us to serve our non-English speaking customers more effectively and efficiently than ever before.”

A press release on the DMV’s website explains, “the addition of the translation devices is part of the DMV’s sweeping efforts to better serve Coloradans and provide a 21st Century customer experience. Other efforts to improve customer service for Coloradans who have communications barriers include working to translate all DMV forms into Spanish as well as providing accommodations for people who communicate using American Sign Language.”

Check out more about how Pocketalk is helping the Colorado DMV by watching this news story from CBS Colorado: DMV’s new Pocketalk technology is making sure nothing gets lost in translation.