Pocketalk Ventana

A centralized administrative panel making the management
of your Pocketalk devices effortless.

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Take Control with Ventana

Ventana gives you complete control over your organization’s devices by providing real-time translation insights and management through a centralized platform.

Easy Device Management

Ventana makes using and managing a fleet of Pocketalk devices easier than ever by enabling you to group devices, assign teams by location, and disable missing and/or stolen devices.

Analytics and Reporting

Understand how people are communicating in your company with the ability to pull analytics and reports. This can help you predict the needs of your staff, and hire the right team members in the future.

Access data and reports, including:

  • Total devices
  • Total translations (by week, month, or year)
  • Device status
  • Average translation
  • Times translated
  • Languages users translate from
  • Languages users translate to
  • Export log data

Committed to Security

Ventana was designed to prioritize the security of your company and personal data. Your information is safeguarded with above industry standards by product, policy, and procedure.

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