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From school admission to IEP to virtual classrooms to Parent/Teacher meetings and everything in between, ELL students can often get left behind as language presents itself as a tremendous obstacle. Fear of not understanding or being misunderstood results in less engaged students, hindering their academic potential. According to the US Census Bureau, there are 350+ languages spoken in American homes today. Our goal is to remove communication barriers, & create an environment where learning is not solely bound by language comprehension. With Pocketalk, true authentic dialogue can take place, liberating our students and empowering our teachers.

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My Pocketalk was a lifesaver this last school year as I found out that I was teaching two newly arrived English Language Learner immigrant siblings, one of which only spoke Arabic. To make things even harder I used the device regularly in class, and the student often took it with her to other classes to improve communication there.

Ryan Miller, NY

Using Pocketalk has enabled me to communicate directly with my ELLs and their families. I feel empowered to communicate with them and do it in a meaningful way. This device has strengthened my relationships with students because they are able to see that I’m taking the steps to learn along with them!

Shana Faulkner, CO

Pocketalk has been a welcome addition to our school community! Teachers, our security guards, secretaries, counselors, our school nurse, and our parent liaison, are better able to communicate with our students and families. I was able to get six devices from a project that was funded on DonorsChoose. After I shared how Pocketalk worked with my supervisor, our Bilingual/ESL department is now looking into purchasing the devices for all schools with our language support programs. Vaccine records, transcripts, and other important documents are also easily translated. We are all so grateful for this technology, the assistance, and the engagement it gives to our multilingual learners and their families. Pocketalk, thank you for your support!

Dawn Kelley, NJ

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Communication remains at the forefront of the minds of administrators, teachers, parents, and students. Pocketalk can meet the needs of all these parties through its devices that deliver fast, accurate translations for both communication and language learning needs.

1 in 4 children in classrooms across the nation will be ELL students by 2025*

Create inclusivity in the classroom

Save time & resources without the need of a third-party translator or pulling an ELL teacher out of the classroom

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