Strengthen every link in the chain.

With Pocketalk, suppliers, manufacturers, shipping companies and other partners can communicate seamlessly across languages.

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Enterprise-level protection for all your conversations.


Highly reliable translations to ensure accurate communication.


Instantly access 84+ languages at the push of a button.




More languages, more opportunity.

In the global supply chain, there’s no room for misunderstanding. Logistics and operations teams trust Pocketalk to keep information flowing across languages and borders.

  • Improve employee safety in high-risk environments.
  • Boost operational efficiency across the supply chain.
  • Access new markets by opening up your talent pool.


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Pocketalk is designed for conversation, addressing communication needs in logistics and ensuring seamless interactions in multiple languages. Our key product features include:

  • No SubscriptionNo Subscription Fees
  • Real-time translationReal-Time Translation
  • Camera/Image TranslationText-to-Translate Camera
  • 84+ Languages84+ Languages Supported
  • Wifi + SIMGlobal eSIM and Wi-Fi
  • Noise-canceling microphones2 Noise-Canceling Microphones
Pocketalk Plus device
  • 84+ Languages Supported84+ Languages
  • Global eSIM and Wi-FiWifi + SIM
  • 2 Noise-Canceling MicrophonesNoise-canceling microphones

Pocketalk Ventana

Harness the power of analytics and reporting

Ventana offers a secure, centralized administrative panel for all the handheld Pocketalk devices in your organization.

  • Get reporting on usage and translations.
  • Ensure safety and compliance.
  • Gain visibility into the needs of your organization.
  • Effortlessly manage a fleet of devices.


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What our customers are saying.

These devices not only enhance training efficacy but also strengthen safety by ensuring that team members fully understand hazards, risks, and safety protocols.

- Dell, Sr. VP of Business Development from Texas

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