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From our products to our policies, we offer enterprise-level protection for all your conversations.


Our technology integrates multiple translation engines, so you can communicate confidently.


Instantly access 84+ languages for voice and images translation. Available when and where you need it.




Leading organizations rely on Pocketalk

Our innovative, cost-effective technology fuels efficiency, safety and satisfaction across some of the most critical sectors.

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Pocketalk is used in over 500 school districts across the globe to help educators reach all students, drive learning success and create an inclusive environment.

  • Enhance connections between school administrators and families.
  • Invite every student to the conversation, from lessons to discussions.
  • Communicate with parents and collaborate on learning plans.
  • Help Multilingual Learners feel welcome in the classroom and beyond.

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  • NYC Department of Education
  • University of San Diego
Patient using Pocketalk with their doctor.

HIPAA and GDPR Compliance

Pocketalk offers instant, accessible translation, giving every patient a chance to be heard and understood and improving the healthcare experience for all.

  • HIPAA and GDPR compliant.
  • Reduce reliance on language lines without slowing down your staff.
  • Provide security and confidentiality for the most sensitive conversations.
  • Easily export translations to patient files, spending less time charting and documenting.

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Our communities are more diverse than ever. Pocketalk is helping the public sector bridge language gaps, enhance communication and promote belonging.

  • Serve all residents effectively, regardless of language, at city, county, and state departments.
  • Ensure all voices are heard through election services.
  • Provide equitable access to essential functions, including the DMV, tax collection, and social services.

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First responders helping civilian into ambulance

Our secure, cost-effective translation technology enhances safety and reduces risk for law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics and every member of the community being served.

  • Immediately eliminate language barriers in service and enforcement contacts- anywhere, anytime.
  • Enhance safety and de-escalate situations, bridging understanding, respect and trust.
  • Ensure that all public safety professionals can effectively protect and serve every community member, no matter the language.
  • Durable and secure, providing mission critical reliability that public safety professionals require.

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In the global supply chain, there’s no room for misunderstanding. Logistics and operations teams trust Pocketalk to keep information flowing across languages and borders.

  • Improve employee safety in high-risk environments.
  • Boost operational efficiency across the supply chain.
  • Minimize day-to-day friction to reduce employee turnover.
  • Access new markets by opening up your talent pool.

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Translation solutions for every setting.

Our award-winning handheld devices enable instant image and two-way voice translation. Offers convenience and portability for a variety of work environments.

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A web-browser based software that turns your phone, tablet or laptop into a personal translator. Can even be used alongside Zoom, Google Meet and other meeting platforms.


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Pocketalk Ventana

Harness the power of analytics and reporting.

Ventana offers a secure, centralized administrative panel for all your handheld Pocketalk devices.

  • Effortlessly manage a fleet of devices. 
  • Assign devices by team or location.
  • Get reporting on usage and translation.
  • Gain visibility into the language needs of your organization.

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Pocketalk in the spotlight.

Pocketalk Awarded Editors Choice

With a large screen, multi-week battery life, speech and text translation, and two years of free data around the world, the Pocketalk Plus is the best translator on the market. The next best thing to a human translator.

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The Strategist Travel 100

Whether you’re rambling through the Scottish highlands or road-tripping in midcoast Maine, a reliable packing list is essential. Compiled from years of research into the best luggage and other travel gear, here’s ours.

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People are talking!

Students have the ability to not just access reading, writing, mathematics. They can now go up to a peer on the playground and make real connections with their classmates. They can feel more welcomed and comfortable with a simple device.

- Dr. Helms, Director of Student Services and Federal Programs in Oregon

Pocketalk gives our frontline DMV Team Members a way to quickly translate a conversation two-ways, which enables us to more effectively and efficiently communicate with Coloradans who don’t speak English fluently or at all and has made the visit to the DMV a better experience for the customer and our staff.

- Electra, Sr. Director, Colorado

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