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Get Pocketalk S or Plus with a screen protector + protective case!


Say hello to our newest translator, Pocketalk Plus.

40% larger screen. 1.5x better battery life. 82 language translation. Bigger and better in every way.

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Front view of Pocketalk device.

Practice Your Pronunciation

Select a phrase in your chat history and practice it back to Pocketalk. Adjust the speed and select a slower read back function to practice along.

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Pocketalk Plus Awarded Editors’ Choice

With a large screen, multi-week battery life, speech and text translation, and two years of free data around the world, the Pocketalk Plus is the best translator on the market.

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With 74 languages pre-installed, no place will be foreign for you when it comes to conversation, and language will no longer be a barrier.

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Pocketakj caught pretty much everything else I said to it in Arabic -- different dialects and all -- as well as my rusty high school Spanish.

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A credit-card-size device which takes your sentence, spoken out loud, and then says it in any of 74 languages.

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A camera that sees in every language.

Read signs, menus and even handwritten text in a snap.

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Pocketalk device on top of non-english news papers.
Front view of Pocketalk device.

Más money.
No problem.

Exchange the world’s currencies. No math major needed.

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Start unlocking possibilities.

With Pocketalk you’ll never talk alone.


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