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From school admission to IEP to virtual classrooms to Parent/Teacher meetings and everything in between, ELL students can often get left behind as language presents itself as a tremendous obstacle. Fear of not understanding or being understood results in less engaged students hindering their academic potential. According to the US Census Bureau, there are 350+ languages spoken in American homes today. Our goal is to remove communication barriers, & create an environment where learning is not solely bound by language comprehension. Where true authentic dialogue can take place, liberating our students, and empowering our teachers.

Partner Benefits

Communication remains at the forefront of the minds of administrators, teachers, parents, and students. Pocketalk can meet the needs of all these parties through its devices that deliver fast, accurate translations for both communication and language learning needs.

  • Create inclusivity in the classroom
  • Enable easier navigation of school systems & technologies
  • Save time & resources without the need of a third-party translator or pulling an ELL teacher out of the classroom
  • Empower students, teachers and parents alike

82+ Languages

Text-to-translate camera

Instant translations

No subscription fees

Pocketalk has inspired me to connect more with my students' families. For example, I can translate classroom newsletters into different languages!

Elizabeth M.

I have run around my entire school showing my ELD colleagues, my PLC, my administration, my counselors … and I have cried every time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This is an absolute game-changer for helping our students.

Amy G.

I have 10 ESL students in my 1st grade class this year, and this translator has most definitely come in handy! Here are a few ways I’ve used it in the classroom: ▪️Quickly translate notes that need to be sent home ▪️During our morning meeting, we greet each other in different languages ▪️Having conversations with my students that allow them to use their first language. They LOVE it and have been asking me to use it all the time!


If you need to connect with students, & parents in languages other than just English, Pocketalk is for you.

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