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Simplify complex processes with fast and accurate translations in the palm of your hands.

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Meet the translation needs of a diverse workforce

As workplaces diversify and become spread across the globe, the need to overcome language barriers is more important than ever. Pocketalk eliminates communication gaps by making sure everyone can relay business-critical information no matter what languages they speak.

Partner Benefits

Improve employee safety and operational efficiency with a translation solution offering 82+ languages

Pocketalk enables convenient and secure translation anywhere, anytime.

Opens a deeper talent pool for recruiting.

Eliminate wait times or dependency on other multilingual staff & third party interpretive services

82 Languages

Text-to-translate camera

Instant translations

No subscription fees

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Pocketalk has changed the way businesses and organizations communicate all over the US.

  • Shaw Industries Group, Inc.
    Dalton, GA
  • Pitney Bowes
    Kent, WA
  • FetchMe Delivery
    Oakton, VA
US Map showing businesses that use Pocketalk

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Pocketalk technology is cost effective and allows your organization to move faster without dependence on translation lines and interpreters. Bulk sales rates are available.


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Pocketalk Console

Pocketalk Console allows you to manage a fleet of Pocketalk devices so all employees can deliver superior service to everyone.

Make life for you and your employees easier by controlling a fleet of Pocketalk devices from one place.

Easily manage connectivity, translation history and other essential functions so your devices work properly for every employee.

Pocketalk Console is coming soon! Check back in summer 2023 for launch updates.

Pocketalk Console coming soon.

Improve communication and grow your talent pool by creating a more diverse workplace with Pocketalk.