Pocketalk’s Privacy Promise

Where Every Word Counts and Integrity is Priceless

Security is more than buzzwords and temporary trends becoming a pivotal, if not government-mandated, necessity. Pocketalk is built on fundamental principles where precision, speed, user-friendliness, and, above all, security are not just features but promises. We recognize the importance of data security and ensure that the confidentiality of the data handled by Pocket talk is protected and, as a result, the confidentiality of our users’ communications is protected., and our role is to facilitate secure translations, safeguarding your dialogue as it crosses language barriers.

Pocketalk has stood at the forefront of secure translation services. Support for HIPAA compliance and adherence to strict standards such as GDPR are only the start; our compliance with ISO27017, ISO27001, and other industry-specific certifications is a testament to our team’s commitment to surpassing industry benchmarks.

Our security promise goes beyond our devices and services. We are secure by way of Product, Policy, Process, and Procedure.

Security is the cornerstone of all of our product designs. Every stage, from conception to manufacturing, to delivery, follows our stringent criteria to pass rigorous security tests.

Our internal policies go beyond the standard practices. The secure conduct of our employees, the protocols for data access, and even the handling of translation resultsensure every point of contact is vetted and secure.

Our operational processes withstand testing from independent third parties. These external audits, including penetration testing, serve as a stamp of validation for our security measures.

Procedures act as a blueprint for managing fail-proof processes. Our procedures are crafted to eliminate vulnerabilities and continuously evolve to set higher security precedents to surpass our enterprise customers’ standards.

Choosing a translation solution requires an understanding of the company’s approach to security. Not all services are created equal, with many falling short of true enterprise-level security. For Pocketalk, nothing is more important than security.

Pocketalk distinguishes itself by having earned the trust and preference of leading educational institutions, top energy firms, governmental services, Fortune 100 corporations, and national healthcare entities.