Features Pocketalk S in white, black, and gold.Pocketalk S Pocketalk S Plus in white.Pocketalk Plus
Compact size with a larger HD touchscreen, equipped with a text-to-translate camera & easy to use single button Largest HD touchscreen designed to be viewed at 6 ft., with a text-to-translate camera and longer battery life & fuss-free single button
84 Language Translation 1
Complimentary 2 year data plan 2
Camera Translation
Screen Size 2.7 inch 3.9 inch
Weight 75g 125g
Battery Life 3 up to 132 hours up to 192 hours
Additional Features Pocketalk Center Access PIN Lock Screen Set Automatic History Deletion Real-time Currency Conversion Local Time Display
Price $249 $299
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1 Full language list at

2 Supports over 130 countries and regions.

3 Calculated as continuous standby time.

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Competitor Overview

Competitor Product Cost 2-Way Languages LTE Length Camera HIPAA/GDPR
Dashboard Other products
Pocketalk Devices together.
Device $249, $299 84+ 2-yr data plan HIPAA/GDPR Conference, video, live translations
Timekettle product.
Ear bud, device $299 40 2-yr data plan Live translation, video/audio transcription
Vasco product.
Device $349 70 Lifetime
Enence product.
Device $179 36
ANFIER product.
Device $149 74 Unkown
Jarvisen product.
Device $499 108 2-yr data plan
Vavus product.
Device $157 109 (includes dialects) 2-yr data plan
SayHi software home screen.
App Free 101 (includes dialects) N/A N/A
iTranslate software splash screen.
App Free 100+ N/A N/A Option available for business app
Google Translate Logomark.
Google Translate
App Free 133 (1-way), 32 (2-way) N/A N/A