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La tecnología de traducción de Pocketalk resuelve los problemas de comunicación de viajeros y organizaciones al permitir conversaciones en tiempo real más allá de las barreras lingüísticas.

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Nuestros galardonados traductores bidireccionales ofrecen traducción de 82 idiomas, traducción de imágenes y LTE global.

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Amplía tu smartphone con traducción bidireccional en 82 idiomas. Ya disponible en App Store y Google Play.

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What our customers are saying

My Pocketalk was a lifesaver this last school year as I found out that I was teaching two newly arrived English Language Learner immigrant siblings, one of which only spoke Arabic. To make things even harder I used the device regularly in class, and the student often took it with her to other classes to improve communication there.

Ryan Miller, NY

When nurses or MAs are busy rooming patients and getting them checked in, Pocketalk has been able to substitute our need to pull in a translation phone or pull one of our Spanish-speaking staff from their duties just to translate for us. Pocketalk has literally been a lifesaver.

Using Pocketalk has enabled me to communicate directly with my ELLs and their families. I feel empowered to communicate with them and do it in a meaningful way. This device has strengthened my relationships with students because they are able to see that I’m taking the steps to learn along with them!

Shana Faulkner, CO

Pocketalk Plus Awarded Editors’ Choice

With a large screen, multi-week battery life, speech and text translation, and two years of free data around the world, the Pocketalk Plus is the best translator on the market.

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Pack the compact Pocketalk in your bag and you’ll have 74 languages at your fingertips.

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Pocketalk Instant Translator Eliminates Language Gaps for Travelers

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This works better than all the other translation methods I’ve tried to date, and it’s so easy to use.

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