Caractéristiques Pocketalk Classic in white, black, and gold.Pocketalk Classique Pocketalk S in white, black, and gold.Pocketalk S Pocketalk S Plus in white.Pocketalk Plus
The entry-level model with all the basics you need to translate with two button controls Compact size with a larger HD touchscreen, equipped with a text-to-translate camera & easy to use single button Largest HD touchscreen designed to be viewed at 6 ft., with a text-to-translate camera and longer battery life & fuss-free single button
Options de couleurs
82 langues de traduction *
Forfait de données mobiles gratuit pendant 2 ans**
Traduction des images
Tamaño de la pantalla 2.45 inch 2.7 inch 3.9 inch
Poids 100g 75g 125g
Durée de la batterie jusqu'à 240 heures jusqu'à 132 heures jusqu'à 192 heures
Caractéristiques complémentaires N/A Pocketalk Center Access
PIN Lock Screen
Set Automatic History Deletion
Real-time Currency Conversion
Affichage de l'heure locale
Prix $129 $249 $299

*Full language list

**Supports over 130 countries regions.

***Calculated as continuous standby time.