September 1, 2023

Pocketalk for Business: The Future of Global Communication

Pocketalk has had a singular goal since inception: remove language barriers.

We launched our mission with Pocketalk handheld devices, helping travelers seek connections in new countries with access to 85 languages in the palm of their hand. A half billion translations later, and more than a million devices sold, we find ourselves on the advent of limitless human connection and have identified a need in our global economy to expand our reach.

Our answer: Pocketalk for Business, an industry-leading suite of translation solutions including Geneva, Sentio, Vox and Ventana.

“Our world has become increasingly more connected through technology. We can reach someone on the other side of the world at lightning speed with a simple touch of a button. But, once we’re ‘there,’ how do we connect?” ponders Noriyuka Matsuda, CEO of Pocketalk. “Current translation options are costly and clunky…until now. Pocketalk has evolved to a global communications company with one task, breaking down language barriers. Our advancements position us to achieve liberation for communication.”

“Our ability to move across borders, to move around the world, is at the core of how we think about the future of Pocketalk,” shares Jessica O’Dwyer, General Manager – UK and Europe for Pocketalk. “We’re not only investing in solutions that will transform how we connect with each other but we’re also investing in our team. We place great importance on building a global team with a deep understanding of the local challenges businesses face. This is what guided the development of Pocketalk for Business and this is what will keep pushing us to break boundaries in translation solutions.”

“Our solutions, be that hardware or software, are designed to solve global communication needs,” said Seishi Miki, Head of Product Development for Pocketalk. “Conversations happen many different ways – one-on-one, virtual, in a group – and we need to evolve the accessibility of translation in each of these settings. With AI-powered solutions, and the continual advancements in AI technology, we’re now able to understand the complexities of language and deliver accurate, reliable, fast translation that reflects natural conversation.”

Today’s evolution is another milestone in our journey to connect the world. We’re relentless in our pursuit to keep pushing boundaries of language and translation technology.

Pocketalk for Business solutions include:

  • Geneva: a seamless digital experience, delivering instantaneous translations to audiences during an event, meeting or group gathering
  • Sentio: a web-based solution for in-person and virtual meeting translation
  • Vox: a high-speed video translation solution
  • Ventana: an administrative panel which provides device management functions and translation insights