February 15, 2024

Translating AI Smarts into Educational Sparks

Bringing Classrooms Closer with AI: Our Journey Begins

Over the recent weeks, the Pocketalk team embarked on a journey across the globe, attending education conferences to create connections with educators, gather insights, and explore how Pocketalk’s AI-powered translation devices can revolutionize classroom interactions worldwide.

Our adventure kicked off at FETC in Orlando, FL, setting the stage for discussions on leveraging AI to bridge communication gaps while ensuring safety and privacy. “The dialogues at FETC were not just about the technology but about overcoming AI apprehensions, marking a leap towards embracing AI as an ally in education,” said Arturo Guajardo, Pocketalk’s Director of K-12 Partnerships.


Across the Pond: Making an Impact

As our U.S. team wrapped up FETC, our U.K. counterparts were gearing up for BETT UK in London, a melting pot of ideas in educational settings. Jess O’Dwyer, our General Manager for Europe, shared her excitement: “The energy was infectious, with three days dedicated to empowering educators and shaping the educational landscape.”

In a highlight from BETT, we were thrilled to present the U.K. Youth Changemaker Award to Aston Clinton Primary School, recognizing their significant contributions to youth empowerment.

From Texas with Love: TCEA’s Inspiring Tales

Our final destination, TCEA in Austin, TX, was filled with inspirational stories and educational strategies. “Hearing firsthand about the language challenges educators face and discussing how Pocketalk can offer solutions was incredibly rewarding,” said Joe Miller, Pocketalk’s General Manager of North America.

What We Learned

  • Educators are saying “wow” to effortless communication with students and parents alike.
  • The affordability of Pocketalk is turning heads, making cutting-edge translation accessible to schools on a budget.
  • Sentio transforms lessons into multilingual experiences, allowing students to choose their preferred language and fully engage in their education.
  • Educators are eagerly adopting Pocketalk as their go-to technology for fostering inclusive, innovative learning environments.


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