Novembre 20, 2023

Clear the Lists Recap

In August, Pocketalk launched our “Clear the Lists” giveaway with the goal of strengthening ties with the education community while contributing positively to their lives. We also wanted to help them introduce Pocketalk Translators into their classrooms.

During the duration of this giveaway, multiple teachers were nominated to win the prize of having Pocketalk clear their Amazon wish lists (up to $200) and receiving one Pocketalk S device to use in the classroom. We recently caught up with the winners and have heard wonderful feedback about how Pocketalk has helped to create inclusive and equitable learning environments for their students this year.

The devices have come in handy both in the classroom with students, as Michelle B. wrote, “I can tell you that I let our ESL department head borrow it for a new student in our high school who arrived recently. She said he was able to use it in all his classes and it has been amazing for him, she was so impressed that she ordered 3 more for our district,” and with the families of students, “among our student families, we speak French, Albanian, Spanish and Polish.  We have used our Pocketalk during drop-off/pick-up when speaking with parents and grandparents,” Krissy F. shared.

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