The world’s only HIPAA Compliant Handheld Translator.

Migliorate la comunicazione diretta quotidiana grazie a traduzioni comode e istantanee, senza lunghi tempi di attesa o problemi di programmazione. Grazie alla combinazione di velocità, precisione e chiarezza, Pocketalk permette di risparmiare sulle costose chiamate alle linee di servizi di traduzione. 
Scheda tecnica HIPAA (Legge sulla portabilità e la responsabilità dell'assicurazione sanitaria) Pocketalk

What our customers are saying

There were numerous occasions where the patient's medication allergies were completely different than what they were saying in English... That is a potential life or death situation that was avoided with Pocketalk!

When nurses or MAs are busy rooming patients and getting them checked in, Pocketalk has been able to substitute our need to pull in a translation phone or pull one of our Spanish-speaking staff from their duties just to translate for us. Pocketalk has literally been a lifesaver.

Pocketalk helped us talk with some of our Spanish speaking patients to let them know what was going on with their plan of care, help evaluate/assess their pain, and most importantly bridge the communication gap and alleviate any fears or questions that normally would not have been able to be answered.

Partner Benefits

  • Keep the conversations strictly confidential between you and the patient with the world’s first & only HIPAA compliant portable translator. 
  • Pocketalk consente di tradurre in modo comodo e sicuro ovunque e in qualsiasi momento.
  • Protect patient’s privacy through lock pins, timed automatic history deletion, and enterprise-grade encryption.
  • Eliminare i tempi di attesa o la dipendenza da altro personale multilingue e da servizi di traduzione fornito da terzi.
  • Ensure that the patient has a deeper understanding and comprehension of diagnosis and treatment

82 Languages

HIPAA Compliant

Instant translations

No subscription fees

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Pocketalk technology is cost effective and allows your organization to move faster without dependence on translation lines and interpreters. Bulk sales rates are available.

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Fornisci la massima qualità delle cure ed espandi le tue iniziative sanitarie oltre le barriere linguistiche con Pocketalk.