November 1, 2023

CAVU Forms Exclusive Partnership with Pocketalk for Translation Solutions

Pocketalk, the global leader in translation solutions, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with CAVU International (CAVU), an organization renowned for its superior leadership and team behaviors training. CAVU’s team of coaches draw from their decades of military experience to develop a high-reliability culture across roles and responsibilities, for entire organizations. This groundbreaking collaboration aims to empower industry-leading organizations in their pursuit of safeguarding the wellbeing of their team members by enhancing communication through Pocketalk’s innovative translation solutions.

“We are thrilled to partner with CAVU in their valuable mission of fostering exemplary leadership in organizations to safeguard their teams and operations,” expressed Joe Miller, Pocketalk’s General Manager of the Americas. “We aim to remove the barriers that hinder effective communication, safety, and productivity. CAVU’s commitment to eliminating incidents and improving operational performance aligns with our vision, as our translation solutions touch every aspect of training, from video and voice to in-person interactions.”

As part of this transformative partnership, Pocketalk’s translation solutions will be integrated into CAVU’s leadership training programs worldwide. This integration provides one more weapon in the fight to eradicate language barriers in organizations focused on operational excellence.

The Pocketalk and CAVU partnership will:

  • Provide Global Impact: Pocketalk devices support real-time translation across 85+ languages, enabling participants to communicate effectively regardless of their native language.
  • Enhance Training Efficacy: Improved communication leads to enhanced training outcomes, as leaders can better impart knowledge, safety guidelines, and operational insights.
  • Promote Inclusivity: By promoting language accessibility, organizations can foster a more inclusive and cohesive work environment, to celebrate diversity and enable a more universal sense of belonging.
  • Strengthen Safety: Clear communication is vital to ensure that team members fully understand the hazards, risk, and safety protocols for the safe and efficient execution of operations. The speed of translation and access to information can immediately play a crucial role in preventing accidents and promoting a secure work environment.
  • Cost Savings: This partnership reduces costs by eliminating the need for third-party translation services.


“Our partnership with Pocketalk will advance our leadership training capabilities where language differences have historically presented challenges,” said Dell Bull, Executive Vice President of Business Development for CAVU. “Effective communication is at the heart of our programs, and with Pocketalk’s intuitive and nearly real-time devices, we have one more tool in our kit for regions with multi-lingual teams, working toward the same safely executed objectives.”

Due to a strategic investment from RelyOn Nutec, CAVU’s international presence has gained significant traction. This growth has not only expanded their leadership training programs globally but has also sparked a significant rise in the demand for dependable translation services.

CAVU Coaches have been using Pocketalk handheld devices in an initial trial with ExxonMobil. Drilling rigs routinely employ people from all over the world in high-stress, high-hazard environments where clear, concise communication is vital to safe operations. Through the training program, they’ve found that Pocktalk increases efficiency in communication and empowers leaders to have impactful conversations that support safe work in these environments.

Pocketalk and CAVU are transforming organizations with next generation communication practices that enable safer, more inclusive workspaces where effective leadership thrives, and every member of the team can contribute on an equal basis. This partnership exemplifies a shared commitment to the well-being of people and the environment, setting a new standard for leadership training around the world.


ABOUT CAVU International

CAVU, a RelyOn Nutec partner company, deploys tested, regimented, and immediately validated safety and leadership strategies that ignite lasting organizational culture change. We were born from an idea that substandard performance and catastrophic incidents are largely rooted human error. They are the result of three simple, yet misunderstood human competencies: leadership, continuous improvement, and team resource management. CAVU stands for “Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited”, which in the aviation world, defines the perfect day to fly. CAVU helps their clients define the parameters for their “Perfect Day” then develops a deliberate sustainable approach to making it repeatable. CAVU’s approach is rooted in the Continuous Improvement Model – a rapidly deployable and dynamic system that ensures team-wide standardization on task execution and a path for daily measurable improvement. To learn more about CAVU, visit