August 1, 2023

Pocketalk Expands Global Footprint: Now Available in Canada

PALO ALTO, Calif. (Aug. 1, 2023) – Pocketalk, the global leader in providing cutting-edge translation solutions, is thrilled to announce its official launch in Canada. As of today, Canadian consumers and businesses can access Pocketalk through the official Pocketalk website and Amazon Canada, opening up a world of seamless multilingual communication for travelers, entrepreneurs, and enterprises alike.

Pocketalk has already made a significant impact across various regions, including the UK, EU, US, and Japan. The innovative technology has been instrumental in helping individuals and businesses break down language barriers and foster global connections. The availability of Pocketalk in Canada marks a significant milestone in the company’s mission to enhance communication experiences worldwide.

“Pocketalk’s expansion into Canada is a major accomplishment for us. We believe that seamless communication is the key to building meaningful relationships and exploring diverse cultures,” said Joe Miller, Pocketalk’s General Manager of the Americas. “By making Pocketalk accessible to Canadian consumers and businesses, we aim to facilitate authentic connections and simplify cross-cultural interactions.”

By opening accessibility to Pocketalk handheld devices, Canadian business clients will also gain the opportunity to utilize Ventana, Pocketalk’s exclusive administrative panel. Ventana is thoughtfully designed to cater to the specific needs of professionals and organizations engaged in global commerce, facilitating smoother international transactions and fostering cross-border partnerships.

The availability of Pocketalk translation solutions  in Canada further solidifies Pocketalk’s commitment to revolutionizing the way the world communicates, and the company looks forward to positively impacting the lives of Canadians through its innovative language translation solutions.