Breaking down language barriers, one translation at a time

“I am a Paramedic and have been using the Pocketalk on emergency calls where language barriers have previously made it difficult to obtain information needed to treat the patient appropriately. The Pocketalk has been an amazing tool that has been used many times with fantastic results. It works flawlessly and is incredibly easy to use. I would recommend every company have access to this device.” – Pennsylvania

During multiple calls we have been able to effectively and effortlessly communicate with our patients. Something that would have taken us 20 minutes calling up med  control and getting an interpreter now takes us 20 seconds. Your device is a game changer in patient care and will be shown to as many departments as I can.” – New York

With the social landscape rapidly changing in our country, translating dozens of different languages and dialects at your fingertips is of the utmost importance. As the global leader in connecting people and conversations by removing language barriers, Pocketalk is the solution that will help you save money, time, and effort, as well as improving relationships. This device is designed with conversations in mind, allowing for instantaneous and accurate translation when it’s needed most as timeliness can affect the outcome of dire situations. 

Pocketalk is a small, hand-held translator that can translate 74 languages instantaneously, enabling real-time communication with ~90% of the world’s population.

“We have only had our Pocketalk for less than 2 weeks, yet it has already been very useful. Not only did Pocketalk assist in caring for the patient we were transporting, we were also able to utilize the device to assist the local police department with communicating with our patient.” – California


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